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I reached out to re:purpose after spending 5 years at Silicon Valley startups. The team connected with me to tell me more about startup opportunities in Michigan, and I'm very grateful for his insight!

They matched me with an employer in Detroit. The hiring process was simple and easy and the job was a great fit. They really listen and keep you updated. I'd recommend them to anyone looking.

Working with re:purpose has been amazing. The team has such great energy and have introduced me to several great companies doing wonderful things in their respective fields.

re:purpose introduced me to a lot of cool companies quickly!

They got me in the door and noticed among the vast pool of candidates.

re:purpose is great. They have been helpful in thinking through my startup staffing strategy.

Have had a great experience with re:purpose from the get go. Have been reached out to in a timely matter and put in touch with a company within a week.

re:purpose helped me find a company culture of transparency, respect for employees as people, diversity of both people and ideas, and a strong work-life balance.

You are the best recruitment company in the region.

Luke Brimeyer

Sr. Software Developer

Hear about how Luke was looking to make a jump from a large corporation to a startup.

re:purpose connected him with 5 companies and he received 3 job offers within days.

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Nick Virag

Software Developer

Hear about how Nick, a recent graduate of computer science, was introduced in super speed time to 3 awesome companies in 3 days.

Culture fit was important to Nick and he was able to find the right role through re:purpose.

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