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Finding information about your colleagues shouldn’t be difficult. Sift makes it easy to learn about the backgrounds, experience, and skill sets of your colleagues. We help massive organizations feel like small, tight-knit teams.



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Get to know the people of Sift


Charles Hilliard

Chief Design Officer

Why do you like working at Sift?

Likes helping large organizations better connect with their workforce and having a sense of ownership for his work and getting direct feedback to improve it.

Ann Marie

Project Manager

What do you do at Sift?

I wear a lot of hats, plans out what sprints look like, what the developers will work out next and plans for the future; also works in product space. Learn more about Ann Marie here.

Dylan Ramirez

Director of Business Development

Advice to someone wanting to join a startup?

“Be a doer.” Startups are fun but not always as glamorous as you see in the magazines, it takes a lot of steps to get there.


Building a diverse team of passionate professionals.


At Sift, every team member is performing a critical role without which our company could not function. We trust that those we work with will do as they say and we reciprocate in kind. We build trust with honesty. We build trust with accountability. Above all, we build trust with our actions.


Creating tools for others is an act of empathy. Each decision we make betrays by our own bias and world view. Each day we must attempt the impossible and try to see through the eyes of another and understand how others view the world. To do this well we must broaden our understanding of others and seek diverse views from as wide a range of people as possible.


Seek to understand, not to be understood. By actively soliciting feedback from your colleagues and customers, you are able to better yourself and your work product. We strive to separate our personal self from our ideas, as we are most interested in the concepts that will help us build the best product, not in being correct. Work to remove the ego. Listen first, then listen more.


Building something amazing and simple is decidedly hard, and requires us to push to the edge of our abilities. It’s tempting to stay safe and comfortable with what we know, but pushing past that point and reaching for perfection is what makes Sift special. Diligence, persistence, and an unrelenting pursuit of improvement must drive us forwards to the edge of our capabilities and beyond.


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Mid to Senior Software Engineer - Backend


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Mid to Senior Software Engineer - React


Detroit, MI