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By Ryan Landau

Preparing to make new hires? The key to talent acquisition strategy

How often do you talk about behavior in your startup? If your answer is “not much,” you’re probably not alone. And we get it. You’ve got an endless number of things competing for your attention on a daily basis. Chief among them: doing everything you can to build and deliver a great product to your […]

By Ryan Landau

Advice from a VP of Engineering Part 3: Building a Dev Team

“Startups have to get their product into the market as fast as possible to compete.” This comes from Jamie Hamilton, the Vice President of Engineering for one of the nation’s top mortgage lending firms, and a man who’s spent the last two decades building a reputation for leading meaningful change in fast-paced, entrepreneurial environments. In […]

By Ryan Landau

Advice from a VP of Engineering Part 2: Becoming a Leader

If you’ve got career ambitions of becoming a leader in your organization, this blog post is for you. Last week we introduced you to Jamie Hamilton, the Vice President of Engineering for one of the nation’s top mortgage lending firms. He told us a humbling story about listening to feedback and the role it continues […]

By Tara Taylor

The Hottest Startups Now Hiring In Detroit

Big name tech companies like Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all have satellite offices in Detroit, but did you know there are dozens of other tech startups that were founded and are headquartered in Michigan? At re:purpose, our goal is help job seekers find their purpose by matching them with Detroit-based startups based on culture, […]

By Ryan Landau

Advice from an Engineering VP Part 1: The Value of Feedback

Feedback. It’s one little word, but it can make or break a great product, a growing business, or a thriving career. The latter was the case for Jamie Hamilton, the Vice President of Engineering at United Shore. When we initially sat down to interview Hamilton, we were eager to learn about leadership development. Afterall, Jamie’s […]

By Ryan Landau

In the News: Michigan-based Startup, Xeeva, Raises Over $40 Million in Funding

Recently we surveyed our community asking what type of content you want to learn about and the top response was news from the local startup community. That’s why we’re excited to begin sharing more happenings from in and around Detroit, starting with a new funding announcement from Madison Heights-based startup, Xeeva. The company, which provides […]

By Ryan Landau

Here’s how we’re trying to make your pursuit for knowledge easier

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” —Albert Einstein Conferences. Online courses. Forums. Meet-ups. In the world of startups, we go to great lengths to make sure that we stay at the top of our fields. Not just because we love what we do, but because we want to bring our A game to […]

By Lucia Giacomantonio

5 Tips to Help You be Successful at a Startup

This is a guest post written by Lucia Giacomantonio, a marketing professional and consultant who lives in Silicon Valley. Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit (Macomb Twp. to be exact), Lucia moved to Silicon Valley 11 years ago for work. Soon after the move she met her future husband and business partner (Ron), […]

By Ryan Landau

Michigan Startups Hiring: Detroit and Ann Arbor

UPDATE: Click here to see an updated list of top Michigan startups hiring. A couple weeks ago, I published a blog post (our very first!) that told my story, the story of this company, and the goal we’re hoping to accomplish. This week, I want to take it a step further by sharing some of the […]

By Ryan Landau

Celebrating One Year of re:purpose with a Gift For You!

One year ago we launched re:purpose with the goal of empowering people to pursue their passions by finding a job they love and find purpose in. We know from first-hand experience that a person’s talent can’t be defined by a resume on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper so we set out to […]

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