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By Ryan Landau

A Final Toast to 2017 (and a peek into 2018)

There’s a lot to be grateful for. Our city. Our talent. Our employers. Our future. We opened up our doors less than nine months ago, and thanks to all of you we’re still moving full steam ahead. Before stepping into 2018, I want to take a minute to call out some of the people, places, […]

By Tara Taylor

We’re Growing – Introducing Tara Taylor

The terrifying question… I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Tuesday in October and we had just come back in from recess. Ms. Simoney, my third grade teacher, called us all over to the reading carpet in the back of the room. We were about to start reading a new book when […]

By Ryan Landau

November 2017: Detroit Startup Events & Recent News

Staying on top of Detroit startup events is kind of our thing. Why? Because the energy in Detroit’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is contagious. It’s vibrant. Passionate. Innovative. Brave. Whether you’re working at a fast-growing tech company or attending a startup happy hour, you get a feeling that you’re part of something big. “Big” like the renaissance […]

By Ryan Landau

How One Software Engineer Found Her Dream Job

What are the best jobs for software engineers? And how do you really know what it’s like to work at a company before you actually work there? This question is top of mind when you’re looking for a new job. It certainly was for Breanna Vertkin during her job search earlier this year. btw, this […]

By Ryan Landau

October 2017: Detroit Startup Events + Recent News

At re:purpose, part of our job is staying involved in the local startup community. And we have to say: it feels pretty damned good. If you’ve ever worked with a startup before, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. —That electric feeling that ignites in our bellies and our brains every time we talk […]

By Ryan Landau

4 Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur (From a Venture Capitalist)

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has advice or tips to become a successful entrepreneur. There’s a lot of noise, but not much signal. Who’s advice can you really trust? Well, investors know a lot about starting a business. Think about how many pitches they’ve heard over the years. How many ideas they’ve watched successful entrepreneurs […]

By Ryan Landau

Coffee In Detroit: 11 Local Spots You Should Know About

Call this post our ode to coffee in Detroit. We think Motor City coffee shops deserve a moment in the spotlight, because let’s face it: life without our favorite caffeine hubs would force many of us to reinvent more than a few daily and weekly rituals. We go there regularly to do work, to catch […]

By Jessica Katz

Be Nice and Help Your Friends: Our Referral Program

You might not be on the hunt for a new job, but you probably have a friend or loved one who is.  We patiently (most of the time) sit and listen as they lament about their low pay, long hours, or the fact that they’re simply unhappy at work. We give advice where we can—proofreading resumés, […]

By Ryan Landau

Detroit: The City Where Startups Come True

To join or build a successful startup company (i.e., startups with plenty of dollars to grow and some of the best talent in the industry), you’ve got to be on the coast. It’s one of the biggest myths we encounter at re:purpose. Good thing we like busting myths. In reality, the Midwest is the fifth […]

By Ryan Landau

Behind the Scenes: Duo Security & Ashley Vartyak

Many startup companies launch with the intent of creating the perfect mix of culture and financial autonomy. Although inspiration and pure grit are necessary tools for startup success, they can’t be the sole basis for a solid business plan. So, what does it take for a startup to go from an idea to one of […]

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