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By Jessica Katz

We’re Growing! Introducing JKatz.

I’ve never considered myself a front row yoga girl. You know, the student that puts their mat in the front of the room, boldly portraying confidence in their craft. Yeah, that wasn’t me. I’m more middle of the pack — carefully watching other students to make sure I’m doing things right. That all changed one […]

By Ryan Landau

the new branding playbook

Remember when brands were defined by taglines and ad budgets? The bigger the pile of cash, the “better” the brand. Today, that script’s been flipped. Companies like Warby Parker, Patagonia, and MailChimp don’t out-spend their rivals to build well-respected brands. They build from the inside — focusing on team and culture and community. And when […]

By Ryan Landau

12 Best Places to Live in Detroit

When I moved back home in 2012 after living in Washington, D.C., as a federal consultant for IBM, finding a place to live in Detroit was relatively easy. The city’s rebirth was just beginning and very few people were asking about the best places to live in Detroit. If you really wanted to live downtown, […]

By Ryan Landau

Breaking Down Our Values

When I was a kid, there were a few things I could always count on. First, that I was never going to play in the NBA. Just wasn’t in the genetic cards. Second, that my mom — who worked full-time — would always be home when my brother and I walked in the door from […]

By Ryan Landau

why re:purpose?

There’s never really one reason someone starts a company. As much as we love the romance of great lightbulb moments and dramatic founding stories, it’s rarely one particular itch or one specific opportunity that sets the entrepreneurial wheels in motion. To the contrary, it’s a slow build. A collection of experiences, failures, pains, and journeys […]