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By Ryan Landau

State of Michigan Tech Compensation 2019

How much should I get paid? How much should I be paying? It’s a question that gets asked, thought of, written down, tossed around, and discussed over drinks every day – but it’s often difficult to nail down the “right” answer. You could visit 100 job and salary sites and get such varying numbers that […]

By Ryan Landau

Finding a Healthy Work/Life Balance in Michigan

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We agree, Jack! Most everyone needs to work to pay the bills –  but does that mean it’s the only thing that you should be doing with your life? We certainly don’t think so! We believe it’s vital to maintain a healthy work/life balance, and […]

By Tara Taylor

9 Reasons You’ll Love Working and Living in Detroit

We love Detroit. We love living in Detroit. Detroit is our people. It’s where we’re headquartered, and it’s where we’re helping the local startup and tech community recruit the nation’s top engineers, designers, product experts, marketing gurus, and more. We’re not the only ones who love Detroit. Lots of people have heard about the amazing […]

By Ryan Landau

Introducing the Purpose Awards

We’re looking for the boldest minds, are you in? The startup community is no stranger to flattery. From executive techies to senior creatives, it seems only the c-suite elite earn recognition. But why? Ego aside, awards were meant to highlight and promote good — so how do we get back to that? Meet the Purpose […]

By Ryan Landau

New Year, New Job? Top Michigan Startups Hiring Now

It’s January, is now the perfect time to look for a new position? We think so! Luckily for you, there are some amazing Michigan startups hiring on re:purpose right now, looking for talented people like you. So if you’re a local Michigander, an ex-pat looking to come home, or you’re interested in moving to one […]

By Ryan Landau

Don’t Miss the Detroit Virtual Job Fair!

Mark your calendars! Are you a local to Detroit and Southeastern Michigan? Are you an expat and want to move home? Do you want to be a local? We’ve got your back! Michigan is ranked third nationally in tech job growth and Forbes recently named Detroit as one of America’s newest tech hubs. So we’re […]

By Ryan Landau

5 Reasons a Positive Company Culture Increases Profitability

Investing in a positive company culture is one of the best investments a corporation can make. There are a lot of moving parts that go into how a company makes a profit. Questions abound and strategies are constantly being reworked. What product is being sold and for how much? What’s the price of the item […]

By Ryan Landau

The ROI of using re:purpose

Re:purpose is a hiring platform where Michigan-based startups and tech companies can find thoroughly-vetted, startup-savvy job seekers and techies looking for purpose-driven work. If your company is thinking about joining the re:purpose platform, read on to discover just a few of the ways you’ll benefit as a member. Reduce your time-to-hire rate by sourcing candidates […]

By Ryan Landau

Here’s what you need to know about Detroit Homecoming

Mary Kramer is the co-founder of Detroit Homecoming, a three-day, invite-only event where Detroit expats return to the city, get inspired, and imagine new ways to rebuild and reinvest in the city that made them. We were lucky enough to catch up with Mary to learn more about the story behind the event. This year Detroit Homecoming […]

By Ryan Landau

HBR says this is how you turn purpose into performance

Helping purpose-driven people find purpose-driven startups is at the heart of all we do. (Hence: “regarding purpose,” or, re:purpose). So when we saw that the cover story for the July/August 2018 issue of the Harvard Business Review was about turning purpose into performance, we were delighted. The article defines purpose at work like this: “A […]

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