Create a world where everyone pursues their passions and is a part of something greater than themselves.


We give 1% of our profits to grassroots educational organizations. We believe we have a responsibility to help people prepare for their professional lives.

We are inspired to get other companies to join us on this journey. As a result, we're launching 1% for Education to encourage other companies to take this pledge with us.

Together we can use business to improve lives.


We are a community of people that cares about our customers, team members, environment, and our stakeholders.

Be Timeless Invest in things that will never go out of style.
Be Simple Double down on being simple and straightforward.
Be Focused There’s an advantage to being small and nimble.
Be Human Create a community of humble, and well rounded people.
Be Impactful Drive impact for the business, customers, and for the world around us.


re:purpose was born while founder Ryan Landau was traveling around the world. He set out to create a platform that empowers people to find jobs they will love; a platform that is centered around people, community, education, and culture.

His goal is to create a business that does something important and meaningful in the world.

Next time you're going backpacking, running, climbing, or just living the dream, definitely get a picture with a re:purpose flag. Request a Flag


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